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Incense Sticks Pack

Release stress at the end of a long day. Make love to the seductive, sultry scent of romance. Create and dream as your mind opens to inspiring aromas.  Enhance your home's natural personality and warmth.  

You are in for a rare treat.  We hand dip Sensari Incense in small batches using only fresh, pure oils, resins and gums.  No fillers, no alcohol, no dyes, no exceptions.  The result is a 120 sticks of pure, long-lasting heaven.  Some subtle, some sweet.  Some earthy and rich.  Others are playful and OMG so sexy you'll have to keep them locked up.

This is not your old dorm room incense.  You don't drive a Yugo.  You don't eat from a can.  And you don't buy your incense at the dollar store.  Any more.

Time to step it up.  Time for quality, purity, freshness and absolute nasal bliss.



It is a most beloved scent. The art of making vanilla incense is an age-old tradition practiced by women in South India villages. Its intensive, “dark” aroma will bring back soothing memories that are very homey and relaxing. 

A warm addition to any environment; did you know that vanilla is one of men’s favorite scents?



Eucalyptus has a uniquely fresh and invigorating aroma that makes it radiate warmth and vitality.

Its lush, woody and green fragrance feels like a walk through a rainforest, exuding inspiration and positivity.



From the tropical Patchouli tree, it’s a deep, sexy aroma used for centuries in perfumes. A wonderfully calming, relaxing, peaceful fragrance, it reduces tension, insomnia and anxiety, while uplifting the mind.

This deeply intoxicating aroma is a natural aphrodisiac and a welcome addition to any romantic evening.


Balsam Fir

The scent from this Canadian Evergreen tree fills your room with that fresh, woodsy enticing fragrance that is so evocative of the yuletide season: a freshly cut Christmas tree.

It creates a heightened spiritual environment during meditation with its smooth, relaxing and calming aroma.

incense sticks

Nag Champa

From the Champa flower, it possesses a rare resinous, herbal fragrance of deep spiritual value. This sweet, earthy fragrance is widely used on the altar during meditative practices to help in the exploration of the spirit.



This wonderful air freshener made of fragrant plants and flowers provides a gentle, natural scent. It’s an unusual combination of fragrances, from subtle to strong, giving the aroma a uniqueness unmatched in the world of desirable scents. Fresh and light, it’s the perfect addition to any home.



Sage has a sweet, strong-in-a-subtle-way, natural, lingering scent that is present yet not overwhelming. Use sage to maintain peace, prosperity and a happy atmosphere at home.

Because it cleanses negative energy, burning sage is an age-old practice promoting healing, health and prosperity.



An aromatic gum obtained from the tropical African Boswellia tree, its evocative fragrance has the power to cast you into a world of great pleasures as you inhale the calming, sweet, woody balsamic aroma.

Excellent for de-stressing and visualization. Frankincense is often used during Mass and other sacred, religious ceremonies.

Meditation With Incense Stick


This yellowish aromatic resin is extracted from the Commiphora Mukul tree. Myrrh has a rich, smoky aroma that is deeply purifying, restorative, revitalizing, and uplifting. A beloved favorite for meditation.


Egyptian Goddess

She’s golden, sexy, seductive and soft. Smelling uniquely warm and snuggly with a delicate (yet naughty) slightly smoky aroma. With sensuality difficult to describe but hard not to notice, this Egyptian is more than a goddess.



This Herbal notes like lavender, sage, lemongrass, rosemary, chamomile and cinnamon have been known to make men more passionate.

An unusual combination of invigorating and homey, this slightly sweet herbal incense comes straight from Mother Nature’s garden and provides all the joys of her bountiful pleasures.


Frankincense & Myrrh

These aromatic brothers share a long historic spiritual significance. Bound together for protection, purification and healing, it casts off negative spirits and leaves you bold and revitalized. Feeling down?

Here’s the ideal mood changer. A steady whiff of its fresh subtle blend in the morning will make your day positively exceptional.

Incense Sticks For Home

How Do I Buy Specific Scents?

Many customers have asked to purchase their favorite scents in bulk once they've tried all the sticks in the assortment and pick out a few favorites.

While we don't sell individual scents on Amazon at this time, I'm more than happy to serve you myself.  You can order 100 of any one scent for $20 directly from me by emailing me at

Incense Sticks Pack

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See What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:

I'm so thrilled with my Sensari incense... they burn great and smell great!

Linda, Amazon Buyer


This is the first brand that has a beautiful, but not overpowering scent.

John, Amazon Buyer

I have purchased every brand of incense out there and can easily say the Sensari are the best. I have found my brand.

Carol, Amazon Buyer

I absolutely adore this incense... the scents are amazing. If you like burning incense for great smells and aromatherapy, these are for you. A+

Mary, Amazon Buyer

Who is Sensari and What Do I Get?

We're a small company...actually there are three of us.  A wife, a husband and a dipper.  I can't tell you how  dedicated we all are to making sure you get the best incense possible.

And it's not just us who think so.  We've received 5-star reviews on Amazon from over 90% of our customers.  These are all verified Amazon purchasers; we don't buy our reviews.

We want you to be "singing from the rooftop" happy, and so we put lots of care and love into every stick (and some great scent too).  And we do it all at an amazing price, especially for American, hand-made incense.

What You'll Receive:

  • 120 Sticks - 10 Sticks of  Each of 12 Scents of Premium Incense 
  • A Burner -  Start Enjoying Your Incense as Soon as You Open It
  • A Surprise 10 Additional Sticks with Every Order - Plus Something Else that's Kinda Cute
  • Our Lifetime 100% "We Love You" Money-Back Guarantee

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Incense Sticks For Home

How to Burn Incense Happily & Safely

How to Burn Your Incense Sticks (for Newbies)

You'll get a burner (ash catcher) with your order! Since lit incense is so hot, always place your burner on a flat, stable heat-resistant surface. Put the un-dipped end of the stick into the small hole of the burner far enough so that the burnt remnants will all fall onto the ash catcher, and not onto the surrounding area.

Since burner holes and sticks aren’t perfect, look at the way your incense is positioned over the burner from above so you can be sure they’re properly aligned. If not, move the stick around a bit and/or push it further through the hole.

Light your stick and let it burn for about 5-7 seconds before blowing out the flame. The tip should be burning bright red. At first, there may be a little black smoke, but then it will turn to a soft gray. If you don’t see smoke, just relight the stick for a few more seconds, then blow it out.

How Long Does Incense Stick Burn
Incense Sticks Pack

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